Is it reliable to buy a car from an unauthorized dealer?

Is it reliable to buy a car from an unauthorized dealer?

No, we would not recommend you to buy a car from the unauthorized dealers, as they deal in the product which they purchase from the gray market or indulge in the import and export of vehicles. These dealers do not hold intellectual property rights as they are not directly linked with the manufacturer or brand.

Unauthorized dealer does not hold rights in selling the brand’s merchandise and they acquire the car which has minimum defects, damaged, used or maybe stolen.

If it’s stolen you don’t even know in which shit you have indulged yourself as getting caught with a stolen can take you behind the bars and also costs you dollars. They deal with products that do not have serial numbers and barcodes which manufacturers provide in order to maintain a record.

Do Unauthorized Dealers provide Warranty?

Unlike, authorized dealers they will never provide you the car warranty even if in case if they have provided you the warranty. When you visit any franchise in order to use that warranty they will straight away deny it. Their system will never reflect the status of purchase which will cost you extra at the time of dealing with repairing and maintenance. They will offer you a lesser price in order to lure you in their trap and buy the car.