Best way to get a car loan

Best way to get a car loan

When you are looking for the car, first you check the car’s model and their specifications in order to make the auto loan. Dealer or bank loans? Confused among two where and what, to begin with in order to obtain the loan.

We have simplified your life by providing you the information which will help you in the long run.

Dealer finance

Dealer financing comes feasible and also provides you the option of negotiation in order to score the best deal in your hand. They offer various incentives, low rates of interest which lure you to buy the vehicle upfront. Dealers share close contact with the banks and lenders which help you in dealing with the finances in a proper manner and attain a low rate of interest.

Dealers always provide a higher amount of interest and also send your documents to the bank in order to proceed with your loan application. There are chances they provide you the 0% APR finance deal if you hold a positive credit score. Unlike, banks you won’t get a pre-approved loan in your hand.

What is “buy here, pay here” financing?

Dealers offer “buy here, pay here” dealerships this service is for those who have a bad credit score. This works as when you sign the contract in order to buy a car with a traditional car dealer, the contract goes to the auto lender which grants you the loan.  This dealer sells and finances the cars on its own and really helpful for those who have a bad credit history. Everything has its pros and cons so that buy here pays here too.


● Feasible Process

Dealers deal with the entire finance process but it takes a little while as you own bad credit history which takes time to complete the loan process.

● Poor credit score can score loan

It is best for those people who have a bad credit score or never had a credit score eventually you want to finance the car with the dealership. Though the buy here pays here have lower standards as compared to the bank and other lenders, they surely provide you the loan.


● The large sum of down payment

It’s risky to indulge with the borrowers who have bad credit that’s the reason these financers ask for a huge sum of the down payment. If you don’t have much you on your plate, simply you won’t buy the expensive cars which save their money in the long run.

● The high rate of interest

Granting loans to those who have a bad credit history seems like putting yourself in a pothole. They tend to charge a higher rate of interest to borrowers who have a poor credit score and also there are chances dealers will add hidden costs in the contract which tends to increase your bill.

Bank loans

Firstly we all hold a relationship that acts as leverage when we ask for a loan if we have a positive credit score they provide us the better different rates. The bank also provides the option of automatic bank draft which means that you don’t miss out on a payment and the situation of late payment does not occur.

Banks are financial institutions they cannot raise the interest rates according to the borrower. They have set standard rates which they offer to every borrower which entirely depends on their score. They also provide you the option of pre-approved loans that ease the things for you and you can initiate the comparison by visiting multiple dealers and score the deal which suits you best.